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Do you hope for simpler life?

Free from Accounting and book-keeping headaches?

We are an Approved accounting practice in Bracknell, Berkshire and have twenty years experience in dealing with personal and business taxes. 

We are specialists in assisting personal and business clients and give advice to those paying UK Taxes.  Our goal is to work with you to ensure compliance with the HMRC.

We have extensive experience in guiding United Kingdom Tax payers and take pride in helping a diverse range of clients, including individuals with a high net worth, entrepreneurs, start-up ventures, and performing artists.

We place huge importance of building strong relationships and understanding the financial affairs of you or your business. We believe that a consistent relationship with a single accounting professional is key to maintaining excellent bookkeeping and ensuring you meet accounts filing deadlines.

Performance are Chartered Accountants in Bracknell. The business was founded by Louise Herrington who has over 20 years expertise in business and personal accounting.

We are often asked, what is a chartered Accountant?  We have provided you with link that will outline when a firm can use the term:  ICEAW website

Being approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales means we have the the necessary skills to deal with your affairs and can help you with the following.

  • Working with you to accurately complete your Annual return filing.
  • Preparation of the HMRC self assessment tax returns to ensure sole traders and individual’s  meet the tax return deadline.
  • Preparation of  VAT and Corporation Tax returns for companies.
  • Business Process review, processes mapping and change management.
  • One to one or group training on accounting for small business including Entertainers.
  • In house Finance Management for small companies
  • Your Day-to-day bookkeeping
  • Your Cash flow forecasting
  • Your Payroll outsourcing (UK)


Performance Chartered Accountancy:

6 Pankhurst Drive,

Harmans Water,

Bracknell, Berkshire,

RG12 9PS,

Tel: 01344 669084.

About Berkshire

The royal county of Berkshire is believed to be one of the oldest in England.

Berkshire is surrounded by many mysterious legends, myths and ghost stories.

The county of Berkshire has many tales  of mythical creatures, knights, kings and witchery.

Berkshire has witnessed  many great battles particularly during the Alfred the Great’s campaign against the Danish.

Berkshire has many historical places of interest so after you have visited Performance Accountancy, you may find value in taking a tour of the Berkshire to find out.